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Because we go global in a new way! And we specialize in the region!

We have the Background.  With more than 10 years in Publishing and printing as well as the last couple of months as Marketing Manager of the Overberg Magazine Group, we know what is needed for today's businesses to remain standing in the current turmoiled economic and recessive situations.

I was involved in the planning, executing and designing of the 2 Caprivi Wetlands Magazine Editions, and did the 4th edition all on my own.  This was a yearly Magazine, very successful, and all printed copies sold out within 35 days.

Further, with more than 20 years experience in International Tourism, with many years Managing 5* Remote Lodges through Southern Central Africa, we know exactly how to target visitors to a specific region.  And it is high time that these regions as a WHOLE  get marketed properly everywhere in order to protect the town and it's economic development, while getting the best benefit for the town and people as well as for tourists.

After 5 years of Marketing Research in the Southern African and Namibian regions, it is found that a wide Marketing and Tour Planning Gap that is revolving about the INFORMATION on the WHOLE region has been left.   Individual marketing (eg Gondwana) is doing well, but clients want to see more on the region and not to drive out for what one business entity can give only, and a lot of the excellent little tourism enterprises is not so strongly represented overseas yet.  We intend to give everyone this opportunity.  And those who do their planning form site to site are normally found saying afterwards:  If Only we had known!  Our aim is to stop the international tourists from ever using that phrase.  We want the WORLD to know about us

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